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Heritage Textiles Program

Heritage TextilesA Heritage Textiles product is a designation that Lantern Moon applies to textile techniques and other artistic forms taught from one generation to the next. We choose these pieces to showcase their original artistry and beauty, in an effort to raise awareness of the fragile state of the art and provide a market for them. Below are some of the different techniques we have discovered and have incorporated into our product line.

Hand Painted Raw Silk
Very small batches of raw silk are hand painted in the designers home studio. Each piece varies to demonstrate the artisans expression of color. The silk is hung on the terrace to dry.

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Balinese Batik Fabric
Batik fabric is made using a wax resist dyeing technique. Wax is applied to fabric using a variety of methods, and the intricate patterns are immersed in dye. The wax resist is boiled out and the process is repeated multiple times depending on the complexity of the design. Traditional batik is a very labor intensive process taking several days or weeks to complete.

Authentic Balinese Batik is well known within the Indonesian art form for its superior rich color and duplicity on both sides of the cotton. Our fabrics are stamped with copper stamps made by highly skilled craftsmen, a technical soldering skill learned from father to son. Alternatively, they are hand drawn by women with bamboo and copper tipped drawing tubes, using freestyle drawing techniques passed down from mother to daughter. In some cases, parts of the design are hand screened. Nothing is done by machine.

This time-honored cultural tradition is becoming an endangered textile process. We are hopeful that through focused efforts to provide a market for this amazing art form, Bali Batik will be around for generations to come.

A-Luoi Weaving
The A-Luoi tribe in Vietnam practices a long-venerated textile art. Hand woven cloth with beads incorporated as design elements. It is woven on backstrap looms by a community of women in villages in the central highlands of Vietnam. The cloth is emblematic of many cultural traditions as more formal and elaborate patterns are sewn into ceremonial dance costumes.

Intricate patterns are created by placing each bead by hand on every weft thread. A two meter piece of cloth representing one months work could bring forty dollars at the market, but there are limited opportunities to sell it. This has put this time-honored cultural tradition on the endangered textile list. If it goes, so goes the knowledge of how to make it; a skill that has been passed down from one generation to the next for many centuries.

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Sapa Handwork
Sapa is a mountainous region of Vietnam where the women work laboriously during the harvest time on terraced fields. Handwork from this area is produced in the other months. They weave, embroider and applique. These art forms were interrupted in the fifties and did not really develop again until the 1990s. Tourism to the area is changing the life in Sapa quickly.

Although most of the items are still used in everyday family life, they are now often offered for sale. Older pieces of trim and clothing are becoming harder to find. Printed fabric is starting to replace the real hand work designs. We hope that the sale of these authentic handmade products will encourage young women to continue learning the traditions specific to their area or ethnic group.

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Embroidered Silk
These exquisite works of art are done by a small group of talented and highly skilled women in Hue, which was the imperial city and where the Emperor reigned until 1945. Although there was much devastation to the central part of the country for decades, the royal influence has not been lost. A reverence for tradition and appreciation for beauty is evident in these gorgeous textiles.

Our exclusive scarves are designed and beautifully stitched by experts in this technique. Even the hems are stitched by hand. It is our hope that with our market place we can support the teaching of this art form to another generation of embroiderers.

Balinese Needle Punch
A group of sixty single mothers in Bali work on these beautiful needle punch designs. The director of their program is a retired Balinese dancer and artist. Because of her own life experience she is devoted to helping these women. The popularity of their beautiful bags ensures steady work and economic support for their families.

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Lisu Sewing
The Lisu tribe in Thailand are a group of people who share a deep pride in their customs, traditions and culture. They earned their name as the tribe that is alive with color, using the greatest variety of colors of all the hill tribes. Lisu patterns are created by sewing small tabs of fabric of contrasting colors criss-crossing over one another.

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