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Our Philosophy

Since 2001, we have worked with all our sources to develop sustainable practices in all areas of our business. We believe that we can learn and share a great deal with communities in which we are involved.

We pay fair wages from our initial interactions and incorporate any increases as community economies require. We audit our suppliers to be sure that health and safety are maintained in the production of a Lantern Moon product. We aspire, through our work with these communities, to strengthen independence and promote self-reliance.

Education is a continuing process. We actively seek and provide training for individuals and groups that have yet to reach the first rungs of the economic ladder. Our design work and market development bridges the gap between developing suppliers and our marketplace. Lantern Moon's business plan actively supports the United Nations Millenium Development Goals.

Our Environmental/Forestry Policy

Lantern Moon is continually seeking ways to improve our environmental commitment in the production of our products. We have learned first hand through long term relationships in this country, that resources are precious and must be cared for. The woods, grasses, reeds, and other materials that we use for our baskets are carefully selected for their long-term viability and the benefits to the communities from which they come.

Since 2001 we began shifting the balance from using local and regional woods to woods that can be certified sustainable through independent third party verification. We give preference to suppliers who certify their operations through credible and recognized third-party sustainable forest management chain of custody certificate programs, which are researching efficiency of resource use and minimizing environmental impacts.

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