How to do Standing Crochet Stitches

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Standing crochet stitches are a technique used in multiple ways. The basic technique can be easily learned by beginners while many advanced makers rely on them for many reasons. Whether you want to begin a new row or round without using a traditional starting chain or create a more seamless and professional look in your crochet work, the standing crochet stitches are a handy technique. This can be worked with any of your regular single-ended crochet hooks.

Whether you are an experienced crocheter or just learning the strings of the craft, it is well worth learning the stitch technique. In this blog, let’s walk you through the steps of a standing crochet stitch.

What is a standing crochet stitch? 

The crochet stitch is standing without support looking “in the air” rather than from a previous stitch is a standing crochet stitch. You can use these stitches anytime in a pattern. It can help you with the chain foundation or help join a round that would otherwise require a slip stitch, do a turning chain or build-up chain to reach the level of the current (or new) row of stitches.

You can work standing crochet stitches with your regular single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, etc. You simply have to understand working the basic crochet stitches and work the stitch in the air (without attaching it to the previous row or round).

Here's how you can do standing crochet stitches: 

Start with a slip knot on your regular crochet hooks. This slip knot will serve as your first stitch.

Hold the slip knot in place with your non-dominant hand or by securing it with your thumb and index finger.

If you are working on the standing crochet stitch after the foundation chain, then work on chain stitches. If you are following a pattern you will have the exact number of stitches. But if you are just learning, 10-15 chain stitches are enough for your practice. Refer to our guide on how to start a crochet chain, a beginner’s guide to a fundamental crochet stitch.

Insert your hook into the designated stitch or space where you want to start your standing stitch.

Yarn over (YO) by wrapping the yarn around the hook from back to front.

Pull the wrapped yarn through the stitch or space, creating two loops on your hook.

Yarn over (YO) again.

Pull the yarn over through both loops on the hook, completing your standing stitch.

Continue working on the subsequent stitches according to the stitch pattern in your project.

The exact process may vary depending on the type of stitch you are working on, such as standing single crochet, standing double crochet, etc. However, the basic principle remains the same. Instead of starting with a traditional chain, you create a slip knot and begin your stitch directly.

Remember to consult your specific crochet pattern for any variations or instructions regarding the use of standing crochet stitches. With practice, you'll become more comfortable with this technique and achieve a seamless and tidy edge to your crochet work. You can find standing crochet stitches in Tunisian craft too which will require you to work with the specialty Tunisian crochet hooks. This is a different method but the hook remains the same while you work with interchangeable cords that work with the knitting needles too.

Standing Single Crochet 

Repair Hook

To work a standing single crochet, begin with a slip knot on the hook, then work a single crochet into the stitch or space indicated in the pattern.

Standing Double Crochet (DC), Treble Crochet (TR) & More 

You’ve got the idea now, right? To work any type of “standing” stitch, simply start with a slip knot on the hook, then work the stitch.

What are the Uses of Standing Crochet Stitches? 

Standing crochet stitches have several uses and benefits in crochet projects. Here are some common uses of the stitch technique:

Seamless Rounds: When working in the round, using a standing crochet stitch allows you to start a new round without the need for a chain stitch. This creates a seamless transition between rounds and eliminates the gap that can sometimes appear when using a traditional starting chain.

The alternative to joining yarn in the round is slip stitches. One of the basic crochet techniques, slip stitches has a neat way to join the round but once you work standing crochet stitches, you will find it easier, neater and also useful in identifying the first stitch of the round. Place stitch markers to join the rounds neatly.

Color Changes: Whenever you are working colorwork in crochet, this stitch technique is particularly useful when changing colors. Instead of fastening off the previous color and joining with a slip stitch, you can use a standing crochet stitch in the new color to seamlessly start the next row or round. This technique results in cleaner color changes without unsightly join lines.

Joining Edges: When joining two pieces of crochet fabric together, such as in a garment or an accessory, the crochet technique can be used to join the edges. This method creates a neater and more secure join, compared to using slip stitches or sewing the pieces together.

Replacing Chains: In certain stitch patterns, this can be used to replace chain stitches within the pattern. This can be beneficial when working with stitches that have height, like double crochet or treble crochet. By using standing stitches instead of chains, you maintain the stitch height and overall consistency of your work.

Surface Crochet: Standing crochet stitches are also useful for adding surface crochet details to your work. Whether it's adding decorative elements, embroidery-like designs, or attaching appliques, starting with a standing stitch ensures a clean and secure attachment point. You can work surface crochet stitches with your regular finishing needles or the crochet hook used in the project.

By incorporating standing crochet stitches into your projects, you can achieve a more polished and professional finish. Experiment with this technique and explore its various applications to enhance the overall look and quality of your crochet work.

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