Lanternmoon Design
Embracing the beauty of

Meaningful Design & Artisanal Production

We are honored to partner with local artists and craftspeople to support and advocate on their
behalf and to help deliver their work to interested consumers.

Lantern Moon was founded in 2001 with the intent of offering beautiful and functional products to the needlecraft community. Contemporary design and the knowledge of local artisans resulted in unique tools for the knitting and crochet market that quickly grew in popularity.

Lantern Moon

The company continues to evolve and create new products that serve the industry as well as the people who practice needlework. Knitter’s Pride and Lantern Moon are committed to the ongoing preservation of artistic techniques and products that meet the needs of the needlework artist.

Lantern Moon
New Footsteps

New Commitments to Diversity

Lantern Moon continues to expand horizons for the talented artisans with whom we work by encouraging production of new and beautiful artisanal objects. The two-fold result is: Special and useful items that reflect local culture and the opportunity to continue to build supportive business.

Lantern Moon

From Heart to Hand

We continue to stand in awe and appreciation of the talented Artists with whom we work. Their skill and knowledge of native techniques and styles combines to provide us with a richer and more expanded view of the world. We are honored to partner with them in producinge a diverse collection of beautiful tools and products for the fiber and needlework community.

We are proud to help in the support of the skilled workers who produce these products. Thank you for receiving our products with enthusiasm and for being a part of the Lantern Moon community.