How To Increase Brioche Stitch In Knitting

How To Increase Brioche Stitch In Knitting

In our previous blogs, we have covered the technique of Brioche stitch in knitting. Today, we will demystify how to increase the Brioche stitch. With the help of this blog cum guide, you will be able to apply it in all your projects, whether you are knitting in the round with circular needles or knitting flat with straight needles.

But before heading forward, let's revise a bit of what is brioche stitch.

What is Increase BRK?

It’s basically a unique ribbing technique that is known for its reversible nature that creates a squishy, luxurious fabric. The most common brioche increase is known as the “BRK (Brioche Knit)” increase, which stands for brioche knit, yarn over, and brioche knit. It’s a double increase, meaning it adds two stitches to your brioche project. The great part about this increase is it can appear to be either a left-leaning or right-leaning increase or even both simultaneously. You just have to learn one technique since the other will be the exact same method.

Execution of Increase Brioche Stitch

Gather your essentials, such as yarn, knitting needles, stitch markers, and scissors. Then, begin the increasing process of establishing the brioche knitting pattern with your choice of the best knitting needle, from single to circular. Since it creates a very elastic fabric, using a stretchy cast-on method would be appropriate for this.

Step 1: Knit up until you have reached the desired length and from where you want to begin your increase. Suppose you want to increase from the beginning, which will be called a right-leaning increase.

Step 2: The first stitch of this increase is to brioche knit two stitches together (br2tog). So, simply put the tip of your right single pointed knitting needle (or whichever you are currently using) into both this knit stitch and yarn over, then wrap the yarn counterclockwise as if to knit normally. Pull the yarn through, but leave these stitches on the left needle.

Step 3: Now, bring the working yarn between your needle to the front of the work.

Step 3: Again, brioche knit two together into the same pair of stitches you just created (br2tog). To do that, take the right needle, insert it into these two stitches, wrap the yarn counterclockwise around the needle as if to knit, and now at this point, let the stitches fall from the left needle.

If you look at the right-hand needle now, there will be three stitches. (Employ a stitch markers to mark the location of increased stitch)

Step 4: Work in the pattern until you want to create another increased stitch at the other edge of the work.

Step 5: Place your other increase in the desired location, which will be called a left-leaning increase. It will be the exact same technique.

Strategic Placement of BRK Increases

Knitting  Needles with yarns

The beauty of brioche is that you can strategically increase to create different shapes. Here are some common ways to use to increase BRK:

Adding width: To simply add the width to your brioche fabric, you can place BRK increases evenly across the row. This is perfect for creating a flared skirt or a cozy sweater with a relaxed fit.

Shaping a neck or armhole: If you want a defined neckline or armhole, place your BRK increases at the beginning and end of a specific number of rows, just like we learned above. This creates a gradual increase that beautifully blends into your fabric.

Decorative Elements: It can also be used as a decorative element. By simply placing a single BRK increase in a specific spot, you can create a small eyelet or textured detail.

By incorporating this increased stitch with quality needles, you can add beautiful shaping and texture to your projects. So, equip yourself with the best, premium-quality wooden knitting needles to achieve luxurious, flawlessly shaped items. 

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