Trendy Knitting Patterns to Try in January

Trendy Knitting Patterns to Try in January

As we embrace the fresh beginnings that January brings, the question of which projects to focus on among a plethora of trendy patterns available. In this blog post, we will take a look at fresh knitting patterns that not only cater to our aesthetic cravings but also promise to keep us snug and warm. The spotlight is on garments and accessories that serve as our cozy companions, whether curled up with a book indoors or braving the crisp outdoor air. From the mesmerizing hues of a temperature blanket reflecting the season's mood to the comforting embrace of an added layer, these projects combine style with warmth.

Whether you're a veteran in the realm of cozy yarns or you're just picking up your knitting needles for the first time, these knits are as enchanting as they are easily accomplished.

Retro-Chic Capelet and Beret Hat

With its blend of classic style and cozy comfort, this matching set will add a touch of retro-chic elegance to your winter wardrobe. Before beginning your project, ensure you're comfortable with the following skills: casting on stitches, knitting in the round, mastering both knit and purl stitches, and techniques for increasing and decreasing. These fundamental skills will be essential as you work through the pattern.

Materials Needed:

  1. Yarn: 200 - 300g of DK or sports yarn,
  2. Long circular knitting needles,size 3.5 - 4 mm
  3. A set of double-pointed needles (DPNs) in matching sizes

Capelet Instructions:

Using DPNs, cast on 96 - 112 stitches (based on your size preference). Knit in a 2x2 rib pattern for a few rounds.

Transition to circular needles and continue in stockinette stitch.

In the next round, divide your stitches into 8 even sections, marking each section with a stitch marker.

Increase evenly on both sides of each marker until you have approximately 220 - 240 stitches on your needles.

Ensure the capelet fits comfortably over your shoulders.

Knit in stockinette stitch until the capelet reaches your desired length.

Final Rib Edge: Knit a 2 - 3 cm rib stitch edge.

Bind Off: Finish the capelet by binding off all stitches.

Beret Hat Instructions:

Brim: Start as you would for a beanie, knitting the brim to your desired length.

After completing the brim, switch to circular needles and increase your stitch count by 50 - 100%, depending on the desired width of the beret.

Knit 2 - 4 rounds in stockinette or garter stitch.

Start decreasing stitches in every or every second round, based on how flat you want the beret.

Once reduced to 10 - 12 stitches, thread the yarn tail through the remaining stitches and pull tight to close.

Calendar Temperature Blanket

Trendy Knitting Patterns to Try in January

Andra Asars' free pattern for a lap throw temperature blanket is a delightful project for experienced knitters and a perfect winter knit. As you work on this cozy creation, you can literally cuddle up underneath it while the blanket grows on your lap, making each knitting session as comforting as it is productive. This pattern, designed to be worked on 24-inch circular needles, can also be adapted for straight knitting needles for those who prefer them. Each 12-inch square, representing a month, comes together to form a blanket that's not just a warm addition to your home, but a colorful diary of the year's temperatures.

Cozy Cowl Pattern

Wear it as extra layering of warmth over a coat or jacket or just over a top once it’s warmer outside.

Material and Knitting Needles:

Size 8 (5mm) circular needles for the tubular cast-on, size 9 (5.5mm) for the main body with 32” long cable.


Cast-On: Opt for a waste yarn tubular cast-on with smaller needles for a stretchy edge, casting on 63 stitches. Alternatively, directly cast on 124 stitches with the larger needles, joining in the round.

Body: Begin with row 1 (K1, P1) and repeat to the beginning of the round marker. Continue in 1x1 rib until the cowl reaches approximately 20 inches from the cast-on edge.

Bind-Off: Conclude with a stretchy bind-off method. The original sample has 11 alternating stripes of 12 rounds each in ribbing. Adjust stripes as per your yarn choice and gauge.

Banana Socks

Knitted socks are known for their variety and comfort, but the unique "Banana Socks" bring a whole new shape to the world of cozy foot warmers. Have you ever heard of socks that not only keep your feet snug but also add a playful banana twist to your attire? Susanne Shahin has provided us with a free knitting pattern for these heel-less socks that fit all sizes.

Trendy Knitting Patterns to Try in January

Perfect for both novice and seasoned knitters, this heel-less design is an ode to playful creativity and comfort. The socks get their distinctive banana-like shape from a clever blend of vertical ribbing at the back and horizontal ribbing on the front half, creating a delightful visual and textural contrast. This easy-to-follow pattern uses double pointed knitting needles but can optionally also worked on circular needles using the Magic Loop Technique. It is a charming project that promises both style and simplicity. Whether lounging at home or stepping out on a chilly day, these socks will add a unique twist to any outfit.

As we wrap up our exploration of trendy knitting patterns for January, we're reminded that the perfect tools can make experimenting with new knitting patterns so much more joyful. Whether you're delving into the playful world of Banana Socks or cozying up with a temperature blanket, Lantern Moon's high-quality knitting tools cater to all needs and ensure each stitch is a joy and each creation a masterpiece. Happy knitting!

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