6 Reasons why Hand-crafted Knitting needles and Crochet hooks are Best

Lantern Moon handcrafted Knitting needles and Crochet hooks collection

All over the world, artisans are currently celebrating a comeback. At Lantern Moon, we have been dedicated from the start to handcrafting our entire range of knitting needles, crochet hooks, bags, and accessories in small, family-owned workshops. The question is, however, why are handmade knitting needles and crochet hooks more valued than machine-made ones?

After all, mass-produced items indeed can be made faster than their handmade versions, and at a much lower rate, too, right? The handcrafted way is not only slower, but it is also labor intensive. It is also associated with high-end products. At Lantern Moon, there is a significant focus on delivering the best knitting needles and crochet hooks known to humanity, - finding the perfect design in cooperation with our skilled craftswomen and -men and realizing it with supreme material.

Take a look at six reasons why handmade is best when it comes to making Lantern Moon knitting needles and crochet hooks.

# 1 Each piece is unique 

Each and every handmade item in our collection is unique in itself. It can never be a replica. All Lantern Moon needles and hooks you will be holding in your hands have been made by skilled artisans who have learned how to make the most out of ebony hardwood from their forebears. The fact that these needles have not been spat out by a machine but made with a passion and understanding for woodwork is meaningful. This love and passion will also influence your own handcraft.

Lantern Moon needles and hooks

#2 Longevity 

At Lantern Moon, we are dedicated to delivering quality that will last for generations, not just until the next season. Ebony hardwood does not show the wear and tear other materials come with. Its stability is comparable to steel; working with it just feels so much nicer. The shiny silken oil coat the needles and hooks receive adds to their durability. With so much attention put into each knitting needle and crochet hook, experience shows that these will also perform better.

#3 You hold high-quality materials in your hands 

Some high-end materials, like the enduring ebony wood we are using for all needles and hooks cannot undergo a mechanical process. The loss of material would be simply too high when using machines for their production. Maybe you have heard that the ebony tree is also called “the million-dollar tree.” It is because every scrap of ebony can be turned into a personalized, meaningful item.

If you look at our interchangeable knitting needles and crochet hooks, you will find the joins layered with solid 24K gold. Not only does it make them look beautiful, but the thick gold layer also provides superb protection against age, rust, and breakage.

The needle cases and bags you can find in the Lantern Moon collection are entirely made with the best Khadi silk you can find on the market. Khadi is a natural, hand-woven fabric with a history. It is warm in the winter and cool on warm days and was Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite fabric to dress in during his struggle for freedom.

# 4 Handmade lowers the carbon footprint 

The production of all Lantern Moon products is green and climate-friendly. Our workshops do not generate harmful emissions that could pollute the air, soil, or water. Chemical-free natural oils have been used to polish the natural ebony wood. All materials and packaging come from sustainable or recycled resources and are assembled respecting nature. Therefore, our collection gets all the payoff of being sustainable and environmental-friendly.

Lantern Moon needles and hooks

# 5 Handmade supports the local community. 

The production process of Lantern Moon knitting and crochet tools and accessories keeps traditional craftsmanship alive. Our artisans are based in South-East Asia and use ancient skills that are married to an eye for timeless design. Their small, family-owned workshops have been run for generations. The cultural ties run deep and provide stability and security for the entire community. With every purchase of a Lantern Moon product, you support their stories and livelihood.

#6 Handmade is mindful and passionate

In the modern world, we are used to highly digitalized processes and talking to chatbots instead of real people. Behind each of our knitting needles and crochet hooks, there is, however a human being. Each item is a creation of love and tradition handed down through the generations. The artisans in our workshops use all their ability to create a beautiful object that honors traditional craftsmanship. They are involved in the whole process of creation and have imagined each piece from beginning to end. Like the famous Michelangelo saw “a sculpture in each stone,” Lantern Moon artisans see the knitting needle or crochet hook in each piece of wood. This mindful approach extends to our customers, who appreciate the skill and effort put into each of our products.

When you design your knits or crochet projects using Lantern Moon knitting needles or hooks, you can feel that you are working with the best tools there are. And you can proudly pass them on to the next generation. 

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