6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

Knitting is not only a nice hobby, but also a form of therapy. Both physically and mentally, it has a number of benefits for our bodies and well-being. So you can not only create a new, great favorite piece or train your fine motor skills, but also do something good for your soul. Here we would like to explain in more detail the benefits knitting has for us that you didn't know yet and why you should also start knitting.

Knitting helps relieve stress

According to a New Zealand study, scientists found that 73% of people who knit at least three times a week feel significantly less stressed. In addition, these people can sort their thoughts better and thus achieve mental clarity. At the same time, it also intensifies the joy of something.

Knitting lowers blood pressure

In addition to reducing stress levels, knitting also lowers blood pressure, which is good for your heart. In addition, it reduces the heartbeat and is therefore the ideal preventive measure against heart disease. You are calmer, calmer and more relaxed. Of course, this also affects your soul and psyche. Show this mindfulness to your body by knitting.

Relaxation effect for our brain

By repeating the stitches, knitting causes the so-called "relaxation response", which means that by continuously repeating the stitches, a relaxation effect is achieved in our organism that is very similar to the effect of yoga exercises and meditation.

Knitting can help you cope with anxiety and problems

Knitting is good for mental health, so it is the balm for your soul that you need every day to keep your inner calm, in which it helps to forget everyday problems. This also happens because the brain releases serotonin, the so-called "happiness hormone", during the entire knitting process in the body, thus ensuring peace and quiet in the body. As you focus so much on the activity of knitting, you will find that eventually you become isolated from the problems and stop thinking about and feeling good about the problems or fears.

Knitting promotes your ability to concentrate

Knitting is real therapy for people with attention deficit problems. In this way you can strengthen your ability to concentrate and it is a perfect method to calm down even with hyperactivity.

Knitting makes us self-confident and determined

Knitting helps you become comfortable with yourself and thus can increase your confidence by creating something with your own hands. It increases confidence in yourself and helps to practice and improve our patience. It also teaches us to fight for our goals and not to give up, even if we fail on the first try. As a beginner, you may have to tear it all up and start over. An experience that will certainly help us a lot in life and that we can really use.

There are many more Numerous Benefits of Knitting and as you can see, knitting is a real treat for our bodies. A hobby that is both physically and mentally healthy. Start knitting right away and be mindful with your mental and physical health. With our Lantern Moon Knitting Needles and Accessories you will experience your meditation through knitting in a completely different way.

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