A Guide to Lantern Moon Needles

A Guide to Lantern Moon Needles

Lantern Moon is built on principles of elegance, artisan skill, beauty, and luxury and the needles that are offered are no exception. The selection that is offered is sure to fit the needs of a new or experienced knitter and every type of project. The exceptional finishing and attention to detail have been perfected over years of development and investment in experience and we are confident that they are among the very best knitting needles on the market. In this blog, we will go through the details of the circular, single pointed, double pointed and interchangeable needles and their benefits.

Destiny circular needles

The Destiny circular needles are created in the same way all Lantern Moon needles are, with Ebony, one of the world’s most valuable woods and a liquid silk finish. For the circular needles, the 24K finish on the brass connector guarantees a snag-free-even-glide knitting experience. The cord is also expertly crafted to avoid twisting and lay flat when stored. Lastly, the needle tips are expertly honed and shaped to work with every type of yarn.

The ebony smooth and honed tips are also featured on the single pointed needles. While circular needles offer flexibility and ability of use in a variety of projects, the single pointed needles remain a classic and preferred for some knitters. The single pointed needles are warm in the hand and will allow you to work through many hours of work on your favorite project.

double pointed needles

The double pointed needles are similar to the single point, but allow the knitter to work on both sides. Double pointed needles are particularly helpful for projects such as socks and small hats. There are also many new popular patterns for small stuffed animals or baby toys that require double pointed needles. The Lantern Moon needles offer a particular benefit of being exceptionally smooth, allowing you to work across the needles more easily without snags.

Lastly, the interchangeable needle sets are a fantastic addition for any knitter. Once you have used the Lantern Moon circular needles you will see how luxurious and high quality they are. The interchangeable set allows you to use the Lantern Moon circular needles in any size, with any size cord. The mix and match ability of the set is great for knitters who are quick to tackle new projects and always looking for the right size needle to get started. The sets also offer exceptionally unique accessories, all housed in a beautifully artisan case.

No matter the type of needle you choose from Lantern Moon, you can rest assured that you are getting a premium knitting experience with the finest materials and the warmest hand feel. One only needs to try these tools once to know that you need to transition your entire collection to Lantern Moon.  

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