How to Choose the Right Crochet Hook Sizes for your Projects

How to Choose the Right Crochet Hook Sizes for your Projects

Are you new to crochet or are you an experienced crocheter? No matter how new or old are you to the craft, you often come across the question, how do I choose a crochet hook? There is no one simple answer to this question. Choosing crochet hooks mostly depends on the project you have in mind, but many other factors affect the choice. 

The beginners to crochet choose the most common hook size and start on their projects. But once you are more involved in the craft, you must have a collection of crochet hooks of all different sizes. It is also convenient to invest in a crochet hook set that combines the most-used sizes that can be used for one or many crochet projects.

When you think of your craft, you think of joy that brings to you and this joy of crafting is truly enhanced when you invest in premium handcrafted tools. Crafted by skilled artisans, Lantern Moon crochet hooks are a worthwhile investment in your loved art of crocheting. The makers of knitting needles and crochet hooks celebrate personal luxury through the nuances of purity and textures that delight the senses. Besides regular crochet, the craft of Tunisian crochet has gained popularity among crafters. To cater to the growing demands of the unique craft, the collection has a range of Tunisian crochet hooks that come with the option of an interchangeable cord. These work as regular crochet hooks without attaching the cord. So, if you have one you can use them for your regular crochet.

Understanding crochet hook sizes to use before choosing The 'Right' One

When you refer to crochet hook size, it means the size of the hook head and throat of the hook. Size refers to the diameter and not the length. Most crochet hooks are of the same average length but come in different sizes. Crochet hook size also determines the size of the stitches that you will create. The general rule for crochet is, the thicker the yarn, the bigger the hook size to use while the smallest is used only for fine lace thread.

How do I choose a crochet hook?

Here’s a quick Crochet Hook Size guide that you can refer to:


Yarn Weight

US Sizes

Metric Sizes

Lace to Fine


2.25 mm


2.75 mm


3.25 mm



3.5 mm


3.75 mm



4 mm


5 mm


5.5 mm


6 mm

Bulky - Super Bulky


6.5 mm


8 mm


9 mm



10 mm

The best crochet hooks will only help you craft the best projects when you understand the right sizes. When choosing the right crochet hook for your project, there are some things that you must know.

Yarn Fiber and Yarn Weight

Yarn fiber and weight has a lot to do with your choice of crochet hook size. It also has a lot to do with whether your stitches look tight or loose. The most used yarn fibers are cotton and wool but there are multiple blends including acrylic, silk, cashmere, etc. Cotton fiber mostly widens on combining a big hook with thin yarn. On the other hand, wool fiber creates tight stitches when used with a small hook.

Yarn weight refers to the yarn thickness. This too is important to understand when choosing your hook. Most yarn labels offer this information with suggestions of knitting needle size or crochet hook size.

The Look of the Project

Before starting a project, it is important to know what your finished project should look like. The finished look also affects the choice of crochet hook size. 

Most patterns include the information of hook size and yarn weight combination to achieve the right finish. If you use a small hook with thick yarns, the fabric finish tends to be tight with smaller spaces in between stitches. The most common example is the Amigurumi projects. For loose and flowy drapes like scarves, rugs, etc., your stitches must have more spaces between stitches. This look can be created by combining a larger crochet hook with a thinner yarn.

If you are just starting, follow the suggestions given on the yarn label and patterns. The more you crochet, the more experience you gain in combining various hook sizes and yarn weights to design a project with the texture and finish you like. Or you can trust the experts to provide the best crafting tools to you.

Crochet Hook Materials

When choosing a crochet hook, the focus is on the right size but we recommend considering the right material too. There is no right or wrong to a preference, it should be the right fit in your hands. The tool must feel comfortable in your hands and inspire you to create. Like knitting needles, crochet hooks too are available in different materials such as wood, bamboo, acrylic, carbon, metal, stainless steel, etc.

Many knitters are of the opinion, that of all the available tools, the handcrafted wood crochet hooks from Lantern Moon offer a luxury crafting experience. Lantern Moon’s premium hooks provide a better grip on the yarn. They have an earthy and warm feel to them that lets you go on for long hours without any fatigue. The fine-quality handcrafted hooks are also a great choice when beginning crocheting or teaching the craft to newbies.

Handcrafted premium tools for crochet

Lantern Moon offers handcrafted crochet hooks and knitting needles of premium ebony wood. The benefits of the premium wood and the manufacturers are passed on to the crafters. The wood’s liquid velvety finish ensures a smooth, snag-free crochet experience, no matter the yarn material used. The warmth of the ebony wood makes it very easy on the hand and minimizes fatigue.

How do I choose a crochet hook?

The Radiance Single Ended Crochet Hook Set offers 6 popular US sizes from G - L (4 - 8 mm). Packed in an elegant Khadi silk case with multiple pockets, the set allows you to keep your crochet accessories, such as stitch markers or scissors, organized and within reach as you work on your latest project.

Another choice for the crafters is Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook. The meticulous design of the hooks ensures smooth crocheting. Available in the standard range of sizes, the hook can be attached to a variety of cord lengths that can be changed according to the requirements of the project.

The Bequest Tunisian Crochet Hook Set from Lantern Moon contains the 6 most popular sizes with nylon-coated stainless-steel cords & accessories. Designed by artisans for the use of crafters, the case is made of Khadi silk with lovely floral motif embroidery. The zippered case keeps all hooks and cords safely stored and organized. 

For handcrafted knitting needles, crochet tools, and accessories, Lantern Moon has a collection that focuses on a joyous crafting experience. Enhance the love of knitting and crocheting art, follow our blog for more information.


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