Lantern Moon Accessories

Lantern Moon Accessories

We all remember getting our first pair of knitting needles. But how about some of our first accessories? Maybe someone gifted you a measuring tape or a decorative pair of scissors that reminds you of a beloved family member. Or maybe you remember your first project bag and how excited you were to place all of your tools in the pockets and start to keep your works in order. As much as our knitting needles become a part of us, so do our accessories. These accessories can help us be more organized, be more creative, capture a bit of our magic and even help us to get our projects right. In this post, we will walk through some of our Lantern Moon Accessories in hopes of exciting you about the whimsy that can be found here.

The first product we will highlight is the repair hook. This nimble hook is sometimes easier to use than a crochet hook when you are correcting your project because the needle itself is shorter, allowing you to pick up a dropped stitch or fix a knit into a purl. Also, do you dread weaving in your loose ends at the completion of a project? Having a repair hook can help make this process quicker, getting you to your next project.

Sock Monkey measuring tape

The measuring tapes are an unexpected joy as part of the Lantern Moon Collection. This month, the Sock Monkey measuring tape is featured as a giveaway on Lantern Moon channels. The Sock Monkey is a classic, but we also love the variety of natural colors of our merino sheep tape measures. You will be reminded of where your lovely wool comes from when you are able to use the merino sheep tape measures. All tape measures feature both Metric and English measurements and are 5’ long. Having a measuring tape that brings a smile to your face may help you to get those gauge swatches done and we know your project will thank you for that!

Sherpa and the Baabs accessory holders

Lastly, the Sherpa and the Baabs accessory holders are also unique parts of the Lantern Moon Collection. With all these new accessories, you are going to need a place to store them all! The Sherpa allows you to poke small needles, repair hooks, cable needles, and scissors into the holder keeping them all at arm’s reach. The Baabs accessory holder is just as cute and allows you to place tools within the sheep’s pockets. There is also a ribbon attached with a Velcro closure to allow you to hold your scissors nearby. We think both of these accessories will look adorable on your crafting table and are sure to make sure you do not lose anything else to the couch or floor.

When you think of our Lantern Moon collection, you are likely to think of the ebony needles, smooth joins, traditional cases, and beautiful sets, but we hope that through this blog, you also think of the accessories. Treating yourself or others to a simple accessory can help to make their whole day and keep them smiling time and time again as they use it. 

The Art of Craftsmanship

What is the difference between a craft and craftsmanship? For each individual the answer might be different. But it is safe to say we can all remember something that we made and even if for a split second we said, this is art. When you think about the ingredients that went into a piece that you consider the true result of craftsmanship, some of the things that come to mind might be time, patience, attention to detail and care.

In a world where speed is prioritized and efficiency is paramount, finding the time to perfect a craft can be difficult. We are constantly trying to get things quicker, and have even found ways to get packages delivered the next day and groceries within the hour. But when we finally take the time to slow down, what is left? We can constantly pick up our phones and be connected to the whole world. But what is left when we put that away? Pouring yourself into your craft can open your heart and eyes to the beauty of slowing down.  

Sherpa and the Baabs accessory holders

When it comes to Lantern Moon, craftsmanship manifests itself as the time it takes for us to create our products and the artisans that we honor through their creation. Each product is designed meaningfully. This means taking the time to understand how the knitter will use the product and the beauty that it will one day create. We incorporate contemporary design to compliment the history behind the artisans that are creating. At the cornerstone of this is our partnership with local artists and craftspeople. We are firm in our support and advocate on their behalf to help promote their work. By honoring these artists, we are able to expand the spread of their gifts and create a more expanded view of the world.

The magic lies in blending the two, Lantern Moon tools with the magic of your skillsets. An example of this art can be found in using the circular needles to create a pair of beautiful socks. Of course, you can purchase socks, probably in a 10 pack and for a very low cost. But picking up a new pair of needles, selecting colors that will bring a smile to your face, and looking for a pattern that reflects your style gives you that new project butterflies. The smooth joins and flexible cords in the Lantern Moon circulars allow you to try the magic loop method, learning something new to tackle the difficulty of socks. You may have to take out and rip multiple times until you finally get it right. The moment you cast off and the stitches loop over the ebony of the needles, you feel accomplished. This is craftsmanship. This is art!

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