3 Knitting Projects Ideal for Travel

3 Knitting Projects Ideal for Travel

With summers only weeks away, travel is on your cards. If you are a knitter who does not love to stay away from knitting needles, we've got a guide on travel knitting. In this blog, we've got some fun knitting projects you can knit on the go. Some projects are ideal for the commute, while others are for when you get there, wait for breakfast, or relax in your hotel. Knitting projects that you make while traveling need to strike a balance between portability, simplicity, and enjoyment of crafting. They also should be ones that require essential knitting needles and accessories. A knitting needle set of interchangeable circulars is the perfect option for your travel crafting as they have the basics you need to make any or almost every kind of project, from a pair of socks to a wide blanket.

So, here are three knitting projects to try

Here are easy projects that fit the bill. The good news is that these projects are perfect for both beginners and seasoned knitters.

1. Socks


Portable in a word, socks do not require much yarn or space. You can even knit them two at a time using the magic loop method. As Mr. Dumbledore from the Harry Potter book series said, "One can never have enough socks," The fictional character was quite right, in his opinion.

What you'll need

  • Double-pointed needles (6 inch) or Circular knitting needles (40 inches) for the magic loop. 
  • Yarn in your favorite color in sock-weight yarn. Scraps or leftovers from previous projects are a wonderful option.
  • Stitch markers 
  • Finishing needle
  • Repair hook

How to Knit Socks on the Go

Plan how to proceed with knitting socks. You can start from the toe up or from the cuff down. Our guide on how to knit socks on double-pointed needles will guide you. 

Generally, you can cast stitches on DPNs or circulars. Work one inch of K2, P2, or whatever ribbed stitch pattern you love for the cuff. For the rest, work in a stocking stitch pattern (one row of knit and one row of purl) or whatever stitch you love.

Knitting the sock heels is tricky. It's best to work this section while relaxing in your hotel room. You would require double-pointed knitting needles here as you will have a few stitches left. Graft the toe with the Kitchener stitch or any other method you prefer. Weave in all the yarn ends. If you want to get both your socks done at the same time, knitting two at a time with the magic loop is the best option. It is best to refrain from attempting it the first time while traveling, as it may not turn out how you imagined it.

2. Beanie/Hat


A simple beanie or hat is excellent for on-the-go knitting. Choose a pattern with minimal shaping for easy knitting on the road. You can also try out new stitches or patterns. If you come across some incredible yarn shop, you can try out new yarns with this project.

What you'll need

  • Circular knitting needles shorter than the project's circumference or DPNs (6 inches) in size match the yarn weight. If you are looking for a seamless project, then browse our ultimate guide to knitting in the round. You can also knit the project with a pair of single-pointed knitting needles. You will have fabric that you have to assemble in a shape that fits your head.
  • Yarn in DK or fingering weight for a summer feel. If you’ve got scraps from a previous project, use it all.
  • Needle stoppers or make use of rubber bands to protect needle tips from losing any stitch
  • Stitch markers
  • Finishing needles
  • Repair hook
  • A tool kit to carry essentials

How to Knit a Hat/ Beanies on the go

Like sock-knitting, you can go for a seamless project—DPNs or circulars to knit on the round. To knit a hat flat and then seam later, you make a rectangle of specific measurements and then seam them together. The stocking stitch pattern works beautifully. The natural curl will help shape the hat's brim while the other end will be seamed together. You can quickly try out any textured stitch pattern. You need a rectangle shape that you can quickly knit back and forth. Throw in a colorful pom-pom, and you have a beauty. To try something new, learn to knit an easy zigzag hat in a day

3. Scarves/Shawls


The easy-to-knit projects are ideal travel companions. You can knit and take breaks whenever needed. Choose any textured stitch patterns or work with lace designs. This one can be knit anytime while waiting for your plane or train or while you commute. For enjoyable beachside knitting or crafting, while soaking in the sunshine by the pool, scarves or shawls are excellent!

What you'll need

  • Circular knitting needles. You can also knit the project with a pair of single-pointed knitting needles.
  • Yarn in fingering or DK weight in your favorite colors. You can also attempt to go stash-busting.
  • Stitch markers if you are knitting lace or some complicated pattern
  • Finishing needles
  • Repair hook
  • Measuring tapes

How to Knit Scarves/Shawls on the go

Start with planning your project. If you’re knitting a plain rectangle or square, you need to plan a length. You can also explore asymmetrical or round patterns. Start by casting on stitches. Go back and forth till you’ve finished. Fringes and pom poms are good additions for edges. Try out lace patterns or lace edges to make summer knitting fun. Colorwork knitting will definitely make your project amazing.

Besides these knitting projects, you can also make coasters or dishcloths. These projects require only an hour at most and make wonderful gifts. If you want to do more crafting, you can attempt a knitted pillow cover or even a lightweight blanket.

Remember to pack your knitting supplies safely. Check your airport and airline's guidelines. Store your knitting accessories in convenient storage, and consider using circular needles or interchangeable needle sets for added portability. Explore your knitting needs with the Lantern Moon Collection. Smooth ebony wood knitting needles and crochet hooks guarantee a luxurious experience. The whimsical accessories and storage options cater to your travel needs.

Happy travel knitting!

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