4 Valentine's Day Knitting Patterns Inspired by Love and Romance

4 Valentine's Day Knitting Patterns Inspired by Love and Romance

Do you want to shower your loved ones with hand-knit Valentine’s gifts this year? Or perhaps you have planned a dinner with family or friends and need to give your home and table decor that unique Valentine’s Day ambiance. We’ve selected four lovely knitting patterns perfect to show someone special your romantic side or treat yourself to some handmade fancy accessories.

So, grab your knitting needles and some yarn, and let's make this Valentine's Day extra special with gifts that come straight from the heart.

Heart Mittens with Thrumed Yarn Leftovers

You can never have enough cozy mittens for the winter season, and these Valentine’s Heart Mittens from make for a quick knit. They are entirely crafted in stockinette stitch on a set of double pointed knitting needles or a pair of circular needles using the Magic Loop-Technique.

They are not embroidered with duplicate stitches, the heart-shaped knit stitches are worked into the pattern with a simple stranded colorwork technique. The yarn leftovers, however, have been specifically prepared using the thruming-method that originated in Newfoundland and has been around for many generations. You just have to felt some colorful yarn leftovers with sufficient ply, or take some thick brushed wool and thume it even further until you get a fizzy, fluffy thread. The extra yarn will protect your hands from the cold and give any project a striking twist. You can use this technique not just for mittens but to embellish beanies, cowls, or sweaters, too.

Heart-shaped Garter Stitch Dishcloth or Seat Pad

There is no better occasion than the Season of Love to try your skills in some hearty knitting patterns. The 2D knitted heart is a free pattern provided by the blogger Tightlywoundlooselyknit and is knit in rows on straight needles or optionally on circular needles.

You start by casting on 3 stitches and then increase your stitch count with yarnovers on either side until you get a total of 36 stitches.

Then, decrease in each row with the simple K2tog method to form the upper part of your hearts.

The versatility of this straightforward pattern knows no limits: If you use bulky yarn, the garter stitch heart makes for lovely seat pads for your dinner chairs or even a bathroom mat. Go for fingering-weight cotton yarn and smaller knitting needles, and you get little Valentine’s Day-themed face scrubbies or patches for kids’ sweaters.

Romantic Heart 2 Heart Lace Scarf

Knit this Heart 2 Heart Lace Scarf for Valentine's Day! This cute, easy eyelet ‘Heart-to-Heart’ pattern makes for a chic Valentine’s Day scarf, beret and wrist warmers or perhaps a complete set of all these items. The adjacent hearts stretch over 14 rows with every wrong side row just being purled.

  1. Begin by casting on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 11, and then add an additional 6 stitches. These extra stitches are allocated for creating a garter stitch edge borders on both sides of your work to prevent curling.
  2. To form the tip and right side of the heart: Use the knit two-together (k2tog) technique followed by a yarn over (YO). This method decreases the stitch count for shaping, while the YO adds a lace hole, contributing to the heart's pointed bottom and right curvature.
  3. The left side of your heart then mirrors the right side's shaping with yarnovers and SSK (slip slip knit) decreases.
  4. Rows 5 and 7 form the heart's upper curves. Execute a knit two together (k2tog) followed by a yarn over (YO) in the heart's center. This creates a central narrowing that forms the top of the heart.
  5. In your last pattern row, knit 3 stitches together (a decrease of 2 stitches) while incorporating yarn overs (YOs) on either side of these stitches.

Realistic Heart Pillow

You are a romantic but at the same time love science? Then the anatomic 3D Heart Pillow is for you. The free pattern made by designer Kristin Ledgett can be found here. When you give this big, realistic heart to someone, you can almost feel how it's beating, bringing smiles and perhaps even a bit of awe.
And despite its seemingly complex construction, the designer assures us that the knitting process is quite manageable, You start at the bottom using your double pointed or circular knitting needles and then separate your increased stitch count to craft the valves.

We hope you already imagine the smiles and warm hugs your thoughtful gifts will bring. With Lantern Moon's handcrafted ebony knitting needles in hand and a heart full of affection, each stitch of your Valentine's Day knitting will become a memorable gesture of love.

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