Exceptional Gifts for Knitting & Crochet Artists

Exceptional Gifts for Knitting & Crochet Artists

Anyone who has knit for a number of years, may well remember the brand Lantern Moon.

Creators of luxurious Ebony needles, and one-of-a-kind accessories, the products were well loved by knit and crochet fans of all experience levels.  We can assure you that any needleworker on your list will react with pleasure upon receiving a Lantern Moon product.

Here is a look at some of the impressive products  available:

Lantern Moon’s Knitting Needles

Elegant may well be the most accurate way to describe the Lantern Moon Knitting Needle. Beautifully shaped and smoothly finished, they are a superb example of what happens when artistry and functionality are combined: Beauty with purpose!

Lantern Moon needles are available in straights, double points, interchangeable and fixed circular versions. All needles are made from the same material: ebony wood. The connectors  on the Interchangeable and fixed circular needles are 24K coated brass, and knitting with them provides a Zen-like experience for the knitter.  A gift of a set of these needles would be more than treasured – they would be cherished for many years.

Single pointed knitting needles from Lantern Moon

A gift of a few popular sized straight single point ones would be enough to give someone a great knitting experience. We have been told  that they are so beautiful, that some fiber artists use them to decorate their yarn collections. Let your favorite LYS know of their availability, if you don’t find them there.

Crochet Tools

Lantern Moon also serves the crochet artist with their line of ebony Crochet hooks – straight and Tunisian. Made with  the same ebony wood and silky- smooth finish as all the needles, they glide through  projects, enhancing the practice as well as the outcome. This  set contains 6 of the most popular sized hooks and comes outfitted in a beautiful silk case for an  elegant gift giving experience.

Radiance Crochet Set

Radiance Crochet Set

If Tunisian Crochet is the craft of choice, Lantern Moon has an answer. “The meticulous finish on the hook end ensures easy maneuvering and forward stitch passing. The connecting join between the cord and hook is well fitted with a 24K brass-covered join. This set features  the most often used range  of hook sizes plus cords. Single size cords are also available as are a variety of cord lengths.”


Lantern Moon has a reputation not only for quality, but also for innovative design.  Combining useful knowledge with  more than a touch of whimsy, fun accessories are available – and sure to bring a sweet smile to any craft person  who receives one. Introducing someone who would love to go live with a good friend: “Baabs”,  the Accessories Holder.

This cheerful little lamb holds plenty of needed accessories.  She sits securely on a hard surface – close by the crocheter or knitter who likes having her close at hand.  The pockets on her apron easily hold small and needed items and the ribbon has a Velcro closure on the end for attaching scissors. (Please note that she does not come with any tools).

One (or more) of these fetching tape measures are bound to liven up a Christmas stocking or work as an attachment to a wrapped gift.  Created by hand, they cover retractable tape measures which feature inch and metric markings.

Lantern Moon’s elegant version of stitch markers made a big impression on sophisticated knitters when they were first introduced.  Made of lovely silk, in bright colors, they are a special way to mark important places in a project. The flexible ring fits most needle sizes and they come 10 to a pack.

….and for those among us, who enjoy a reminder of where our favorite pure yarns come from, here is a set of markers that distinguish themselves by their cuteness.  These metallic sheep have a ring that fits on most needles (up to  US size 13 needle) and come 6 to a pack.

To learn more about Lantern Moon and its products, be sure to check out the online site!

You can also find a listing of the stores that carry them here.

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