Fun Summer Knitting for Kids: 7 Easy Projects to Try

knitting with Lanternmoon  Knitting needles

Knitting is not just for winters; it's for any season, any occasion, and anyone interested in the magic of clicking knitting needles. As the summer sun shines, indulge in incredibly versatile and enjoyable knitting sessions! The season's crafting becomes fun with the right yarn and portable projects. If you are knitting for the kids, there's a whole world to explore. Besides garments, there are fun projects such as bags, accessories, toys, etc. You can also introduce knitting to the little ones. Not only do they get to be creative, knitting has mental health benefits. Besides, it engages all senses, strengthens your math, and you've something handmade at the end.

If you want to knit yourself or assist the little ones, here are some exciting summer knitting projects for kids. Have fun knitting as you enjoy the warm weather!

Knitted Bags

Knitted Bags

A stylish bag is a must-have for summer. Knitted bags are a fashion statement that is ideal for everyone, especially kids. With fun yarn colors, you can knit bags for any purpose: school bags, beach bags, totes, or purses. There are endless options. Also, it's a beginner-friendly project so that you can teach your kids, too. It's a great way to teach them about knitting and sustainability while encouraging creativity.

Get your hands on a pair of straight needles to make the bag in segments and seam them later. You can also introduce circular knitting needles for a seamless project or work in parts to be seamed later. 

Cast on the desired number of stitches to achieve the width of your beach bag, around 60-70 stitches, depending on your yarn weight and gauge. Work on simple stitch patterns such as stockinette, garter, or seed. If you are a seasoned knitter, work on cables, lace and textured stitch patterns to make the knitting project look more attractive. Work on stripes, adding colored yarns after every four rows. Colorwork knitting enhances the look. Get creative with embellishments like tassels, pom-poms, or charms to add a playful touch to your beach bag.

2. Summer Hats

Knitted hats are chic and making one for the summer season is delightful. If you've only knit winter caps and beanies, there are plenty of reasons to pick up your knitting needles for summer hats. With the right yarn for the season and a few knitting skills, get started for delightful accessory knitting. Try out lace patterns, colorful stripes with multiple colored yarns, colorwork techniques, pom-poms, or fun animal ears for a playful touch. 

Keep the sun at bay with a knitted sun hat that's stylish and practical. Use your double-pointed knitting needles for a fun summer knitting project. 

3. Beach Towels

Knitting towels is a delightful way to add a touch of whimsy to your summer adventures. The project is also ideal for stash busting and the perfect opportunity to go wild with vibrant colors. If you've got scraps of usable yarn from previous projects, this one project lets you have a lot of fun.

You can knit a towel any way you want without a pattern or need to fit. An interesting option is to try different stitches in squares and then assemble all the squares into one rectangular shape. If you are looking to practice some new stitch patterns or techniques, you can learn them while working on a project at the same time.

4. Toys


Knitting toys for summer is fun. You don't require complex patterns; even a simple garter stitch or stockinette with little shaping can become an exciting project. Textured stitches such as loops and bobbles add to the charm. Choosing a toy design needs to be carefully considered. Colorful yarns enhance the design. The fun project allows you to experiment with your knitting needles.

5. Summer Fruits

Summer is the wonderful season for fruits, from juicy watermelons to zesty lemons. Experiment with different fruit patterns and colors. Kids love these fruity creations. The pattern can be used for a dishcloth, coasters, table mats, or even charms for bags, etc.

Along with knitting needles, these exciting projects can also be worked with single-ended crochet hooks. If you are a crocheter, you may prefer to use your hooks. There are many exciting patterns for beginner to advanced makers.

6. Gadget Cases

Kids are not behind in using gadgets compared to adults. Keeping gadget cases is important, so making knitted cases is a fun summer project. You can knit for the kids or teach them to make themselves. Easy stitch patterns such as garter or stockinette are perfect for making cases. Add fun colors or textures or knit cute animal figurines.

7. Socks

Socks are not just for winter; there are amazing summer projects. Lightweight yarn, lace stitches, colorwork, etc., there are many ways to make socks fun and summery. Cast on stitches on your double-pointed needles and have a pair growing for the warm season.

With these fun and creative summer knitting projects, kids can unleash their imagination and create beautiful handmade treasures to cherish. Alphabet knitting is a fun challenge that the kids can participate in. From bags to top hats and cases for your gadgets to socks, there's no limit to what they can knit with a little yarn and creativity. So, grab your knitting needles, gather your favorite yarn colors, and let the summer knitting fun begin!

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