Create Magic with premium Ebony Wood Knitting and Crochet Accessories

Create Magic with premium Ebony Wood Knitting and Crochet Accessories

Knitting and crochet are labors of love. The creative crafts are as good as the tools. In fact, the right tools elevate the ability of a maker, bringing joy to the artist and passing on the pride of crafting to the project. Keeping in mind the love of a crafter for the craft, Lantern Moon recreates the beauty and luxury of ebony wood in its distinctive range of knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories.

Handmade is pride and having premium tools for your art is pure joy. Creating magic with its silk feel and smooth finish, Lantern Moon handcrafted range of ebony wood knitting needles and crochet hooks are crafted by the hands of artisans and passed to the skilled hand of the maker. The entire range honors ancient traditions and brings them to create luxury experience of crafting for modern makers. In this blog, we’ll take you through the magical feel of ebony wood and how the tools take craftsmanship to a whole new level.

What makes ebony special?

Ebony is a tropical hardwood found in the mystical lands of Southeast Asia. The rare wood has a soft and silky finish that is transformed into beautiful instruments of yarn crafts. Featuring black or brown colors, the premium wood is highly valued as an ornamental material and is used for only the highest-quality knitting needles, crochet hooks, and even some of our accessories.

The wood though has been a victim of unsustainable harvesting has now been using sustainable practices to continue its rich legacy. Lantern Moon preserves rare materials and produces artistic products that put the beauty and benefits of premium wood. Warm and soft in the hands of crafters, ebony wood avoids pain and fatigue in our hands and even makes our craft beautiful and functional.

Knitting and crocheting are yarn crafts that remind us of the importance and value of handmade creations. We know that it may take a little bit longer to make a sweater, a scarf or some garment or home decor rather than buy it, but the finished product, the art, is worth any amount of time. This value of artisan creativity is not something you can teach someone who does not value it. The joy of working with ebony is similar in this way. When you are using ebony needles, you are using art to create art and that is truly the gift.

The range of ebony wood tools and accessories

Once have worked with premium ebony knitting needles, you will immediately notice the difference. The wood has a tight grain and has been polished to a silk-like finish. They are smoother than almost any other needle. Also, ebony wood does not splinter or fray which can harm your yarn or knitting project. Ebony tips are smooth and tapered to effortlessly pick up your next stitch, while the needles themselves allow the movement of your project to glide swiftly and magically.

Ebony Wood Knitting and Crochet Accessories

  • The ebony wood single-pointed needles with warm birchwood stoppers. These classic knitting needles are often the first pairs we start knitting with.
  • The set of five double pointed needles is not just beautiful but very efficient for stitch passing. The smooth wood ensures that you have a grip on the yarn and yet the stitches flow.
  • The Destiny fixed circular needles bring together the bliss of ebony tips with a smooth cord that allows easy movement of stitches.
  • The interchangeable circular needles are perhaps the coming together of the beauty of ebony wood with modern craftsmanship. The 24k brass connectors and cords ensure that you enjoy knitting multiple projects.

Our ebony wood Knitting needle sets deserve a special mention. The ebony wood needle tips offer a smooth glide for all yarn types while the zippered case has everything you need for your knitting needs.

Besides, knitting needles, the ebony wood crochet hooks deserve a special mention. The smooth liquid silk surface of the hooks are available in varieties of single ended crochet hook and specialty Tunisian crochet hooks. The inline hooks work well with all materials and are available in a full range of standard sizes.

  • The standard crochet hooks are ideal for both new and experienced crochet artists.
  • The Tunisian crochet hooks work for Tunisian patterns as well as others. You can attach the interchangeable cords if needed or work without them, the experience will be the same for both.

Single Ended Crochet Hooks

The range of ebony wood accessories includes - cable needles, the specialty needle that is exclusively used for cable patterns, the finishing needle that is used to efficiently weave in ends and repair hooks that look similar to crochet hooks and is an essential notion for your craft.

Ebony knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories spark creativity. You work with the tools in your hands and are reminded of your investment in your beloved craft. We will never get tired of repeating it, we are a community that values craftsmanship. The ebony-wood tools and accessories are crafted by the hands of artisans to have a long life and serve us with pleasure!

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