Moon Chronicles

The Pink Moon

The Pink Moon

Our hearts are drawn to the magic of the moon for a number of reasons – not the least of which are the myths and facts associated with it.  For millennium, it has captured the hearts and interests of many and has been artistically rendered in every conceivable way.  

Did you know that every month of the year the moon has a special name? In April is called a “Pink Moon” since in is then that the beautiful pink Phlox flower begins to bloom. Thanks to our Indian American forefathers, there is more than one name for April’s moon, but they all point to the amazing fertility of spring and the beginning of the growing season.

There is a very rich legacy attached to the moon. Perhaps that is one of the factors that entered the naming of the Legacy Set from Lantern Moon Set

Putting together the most popular sizes of interchangeable needles and cords, Lantern Moon created a set worthy of the name “Legacy”. In addition to the 5 pairs of 5” ebony wood needle tips, cords and accessories, the beautiful stitch markers and the traditionally influenced beauty of the case reinforce the magical quality inherent in all Lantern Moon products. To read about the Legacy Kit and all its features, visit the Lantern Moon site.  

So enchanting is this set, that Lantern Moon is currently conducting a giveaway on-line.  Just follow along on @lanternmoon or facebook for a chance to win one for yourself.  

Don’t forget….The next full moon is scheduled for April 16th.  It will also be one of the brightest moons of the year, thanks to the usual weather conditions in spring. This means that it will appear larger than other moons.   Keep your eyes wide open as you wish for your heart’s desire….This month it might well be a Lantern Moon Legacy Set of your own. 

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