Knitting and Crochet for Pets

Knitting and Crochet for Pets

Knitting enthusiasts and crochet fans love to make things for the people in their lives and that extends, understandably, to the pets they love. A host of wonderful patterns have been developed by designers who understand this desire. There are many “patterns for your pets” and you will find a treasure trove of designs that run the gamut, from functional to cute to downright hilarious. So get out your favorite knitting needles and crochet hooks or open your prized sets, and come with us to discover how making things can benefit your 4-legged family member(s). Even if you don’t have a pet at this moment, we guarantee you’ll want one when you see these fun projects. It also makes for wonderful gifts for close friends and family.

Single pointed knitting needles

So, let’s get started.


Many of us have scads of skeins – that is, leftover yarn, so knitting for your pet is the perfect way to use it up. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before you begin:

  • Make sure that the yarn you use is machine washable and dryable. There’s no doubt that anything worn by a pet will need to be cleaned frequently. 
  • Be sure to take care that it is comfortable. Just like young kids, pets don’t put up with the discomfort caused by scratchy clothes. Wool is a good option but then you must consider the weather and your pet’s personality.
  • Think about if the pet that you are making something for really needs (or wants) a coat. Some of the larger well-coated animals may not want a coat to slow him (or her) down. This can be especially true of water and working dogs, such as retrievers or large spaniels. And, for a cat, it is a little tricky to dress them up so think about the yarn carefully.

The whole point of this endeavor is to create a comfortable fit and/or atmosphere for your much-loved pet.


Projects and Patterns for your Pets 

All that said, it was lots of fun to explore ideas of knitting and crochet projects for your favorite.    Since we love to share, we suggest you keep reading. There is something for every pet in this selection, from the tiniest chihuahua to the largest hound. If crochet is your craft of choice, you are also in luck since crochet designers are every bit as prolific as knitting fans.

Knitting and Crochet for Pets

Pet Garments 

Knitting a sweater for your pet is very satisfying. You would love to see your loved pet warm and snuggly. Making a sweater for them is easy with the right measurements but consider positive ease when calculating the stitches. A hat is a good option to dress them up. You can refer to our guide on knitting and crocheting a hat. Scarves can be tricky for pets though they look adorable and are very easy to make. Crocheting garments are also quite easy and quick. Think about the fabric you want to make then decide the yarn craft you would like to go ahead with.

Pet Beds & Blankets 

Beds and blankets are wonderful gifts for pets. You can easily make one with your stash. Check out our guide on a stash crochet blanket. Cats will never be left out of the picture. Since some cats may be less cooperative about wearing things, there’s a host of toys and comfy bed options to be found as well.  What cat – or small dog, for that matter - wouldn’t like a warm bed or cozy blanket?

Pet Beds & Blankets


If creature toys are more appropriate for your dog or kitty’s enjoyment then there are so many options. A quick crochet Amigurumi toy or even a pom pom ball gives them a good playtime. Conside colorful projects that do away with your stash.

Knitting or Crocheting 

Now that you have your brain gears moving, you can now think about whether you should go ahead with knitting or crocheting. Whatever you decide, make sure to have a tape measure, stitch markers, finishing needle and repair hook in your craft collection. A handy trick to have is to weave in yarn ends in knitting and crocheting.

Knitting or Crocheting

Knitting Needles 

If you decide to knit for your pets, there are many ways to make some handmade love. You can start with any pair of single-pointed knitting needles and shape your projects by seaming in ends with a finishing needle. Make sure to have the right size that matches your yarn. For knitting projects in the round, both double-pointed and circular needles can be used. Make sure to have the right needle length besides the right knitting needle sizes.

Crochet Hooks 

To make sure you have exactly the right hook for the right project, it makes sense to have the right size at your fingertips. A crochet hook set with all the most popular sizes. Its brightly colored case makes it easy to take them along when you are on the road.  It is also the ideal way to keep your hooks organized and in one place. 

Although there are plenty of well-loved pets out there who can look forward to getting a handmade gift, there are also plenty more who are not as fortunate.  There are many animal advocates who work tirelessly to improve their lives.  A donation of blankets for the animals they protect would be greatly appreciated.  Here are a few suggestions about charities and organizations that are dedicated to protecting the important creatures who live among us.

Comfort for Critters – A non-profit that donates handmade pet blankets to shelters across the US and sells e-books to help you make your own pet blanket! 

ASPCA: A long-established non-profit organization devoted to protecting domestic animals and providing adequate health care.   

American Humane Society - American Humane is committed to helping ensure the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. Contributions are always welcome.

Please note: Our listing of these does not imply endorsement.  We suggest you evaluate before providing support of any kind. 

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