These Are the Must-Have Knitting Supplies for Beginners

These Are the Must-Have Knitting Supplies for Beginners

So you have just decided to pick up knitting as a hobby? Congratulations to a new, exciting, and rewarding manual craft perfect for creative minds like yours! Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or to create beautiful, handcrafted items, knitting offers a unique blend of relaxation, challenge, and satisfaction.

One of the best parts about beginning your knitting journey is its simplicity; you don't need many knitting tools. This guide will introduce you to every beginner knitter's must-have supplies. From choosing the best needles for your project to selecting some essential accessories, we've got you covered. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and get cozy while we discover your most helpful knitting accessories.

Knitting Needles 101

Knitting needles come in various types, including straight, circular, and double-pointed, each serving different purposes. Straight needles are ideal for flat projects like scarves, while circular needles are perfect for projects with many stitches or for knitting in the round, like hats and sweaters. Double-pointed needles, such as socks and sleeves, are typically used for smaller tube-like projects.

Choose the best Material

Lantern Moon knitting needles are crafted from ebony's black core, the world's most prized wood. Known for their exceptional light weight, they are ideal for beginner knitters. The lightness of ebony reduces hand fatigue, making your knitting sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

Another remarkable feature of Lantern Moon needles is their smooth silk finish, which ensures a perfect yarn glide, effortlessly accommodating all types of yarns. This smooth transition of yarn over the needle is crucial for beginners, as it prevents snagging and makes the learning process smoother and faster.

Choosing the right size and type of needle for your project is vital. Generally, larger needles are used with thicker yarns and for projects where a looser, more open weave is desired. Smaller needles pair with finer yarns for tighter, more detailed work.

Handling and storing your Knitting Tools

When handling and storing your ebony needles from Lantern Moon, it's important to treat them with care. Avoid extreme temperatures and moisture exposure, as wood can be sensitive to environmental changes. A fabric needle case or a dedicated needle organizer can be a sound investment to protect your precious needles from damage and to keep them organized for generations to come.

Pro Tips: Organize your knitting needles.

Basic Knitting Accessories: Must-Haves for Every Project

Having the right knitting notions at your fingertips is as important as choosing the perfect yarn and needles. These small yet essential helpers contribute to the success of your projects. Whether marking a stitch, weaving in ends, or measuring your work, each accessory plays a pivotal role.

Stitch Markers

A vital knitting accessory, stitch markers help track the beginning of a round or pattern repeats. Lantern Moon offers an adorable range of tassel and silver-plated sheep stitch markers that mark your patterns stylishly and add a touch of whimsy to your knitting.

Darning Needles

Essential for weaving in yarn ends to finish your project neatly, darning needles are a must-have. Lantern Moon's fine ebony finishing needles are a premium choice. Available in three sizes and featuring gold-plated joins, they combine elegance with practical use.

Yarn Scissors

A small, sharp pair of scissors is indispensable for snipping yarn. Choose a pair that's comfortable to hold and precise in cutting, ensuring a clean finish to your work.

Yarn Scissors

Measuring Tape

Getting the right size is crucial in knitting. Lantern Moon's hand-crocheted measuring tapes, available in delightful designs like a sock monkey, ladybug, sheep, or sunflower, make this task both easy and fun.

Project Bag

Keeping your knitting organized and portable is key. Lantern Moon's sturdy tool kit and project bag, made from durable cotton canvas, offer ample space and protection for your knitting projects and tools, ensuring everything stays in place and is ready when you are.

Pro Tip: Keep Each Project Tidy and Stylish

  • Dedicate a unique bag to each project for organized, stylish crafting. Store your yarn and works-in-progress neatly in the Meadow drawstring bags, available in four charming colors with embroidered sheep designs, ensuring your projects are secure and portable.

As you venture forward, remember the beauty of starting with simple projects and relishing each learning moment. Knitting isn't just about the end result; it's a journey of discovery and skill-building. With each stitch and pattern you master, you'll pave the way to more elaborate and rewarding creations.

We're excited to be a part of your knitting story and can't wait to see what you create. Share your initial masterpieces and experiences with us in the comments. Your journey is not just about crafting; it's about inspiring a community. Happy Knitting!

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