How to Master to Crochet the Loop Stitch

Crochet hook by lantern moon

The loop stitch in crochet is a fun textured pattern that brings beauty to even the simplest of projects. All you need is your crochet hook and yarn to add loops to any of your knitting or crochet project or an Amigurumi pattern.  Once you have enough practice with the basic crochet stitches, you will find this easy to learn. You will be using the single crochet (sc) or half double crochet (hdc) stitches and the unique technique of making loops. This little stitch can be used in a variety of projects, providing a unique and interesting texture to your work. This may look complicated but far from it, this is an easy stitch to make.

In this blog, let’s take a look at how to make loop stitches in crochet! Make sure to have a comfortable crochet hook in the right size, basically one that goes with the yarn weight. If you want to explore more, you can explore the loop stitch in knitting,


Crocheting the Foundation Chain

Make a slipknot and then slide it onto your hook. Loop the yarn over your hook and then pull it through the slipknot. This is your first chain. Chain as many more stitches as you want, plus an additional 1. The extra chain will be the turning chain to get to another row or round.

Single crochet to the end of the chain.

For the first row,  you can make single crochet stitches or even half double crochet. This will help create a dense fabric that will be the base of the loops. 

When you get to the end of the row or round, chain 1 and turn your work. Keep in mind that you do avoid the common crochet mistakes as the loops make it quite difficult to see the stitches.

Crochet loop stitch diagram

Working the Loop Stitch

Working the loop stitch is like the single crochet stitch. After you insert the crochet hook in the second loop of the single crochet stitch, take the working yarn and loop it around the index finger holding the crocheted piece and not the finger holding the hook. Now for the loop, wrap the yarn around your index finger one time. Keep your finger behind the WIP.

Now, with the crochet hook grab the yarn of the loop stitch and then insert it to the base (the row of sc or hdc stitches), pull through the stitch but do not release the loop from your finger yet. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull through again. This will secure the loop you just made, so you can pull your finger out of the now.

Keep repeating the stitch sequence to the end of the row or round or as the pattern instructs. Alternate a row or round of loops with sc or hdc. While working the stitch, make a gauge swatch to determine the look of the completed project and for the amount of yarn you’ll need.

The most important thing to remember for crochet loop Stitches is to maintain even tension.  Otherwise, you may end up with loops of all different sizes which would spoil the look as well as throw the gauge off. Make sure that you hold the yarn with the same tension for each loop.

Using your index finger is not the only way to make loops for the loop stitch, you can wrap the yarn around different items such as bigger size knitting needle, pencil, pen, marker or anything. Keep in mind the size of your loops, if you want them small, keep your item close and if you want big loops, keep the finger or object far from the project. You can add beads to the loops or even cut them to give them a hair-like look. Start with a simple project such as a crochet scarf and add this beautiful textured stitches to the edge of to any row of the knitting pattern.

It is always great to learn new stitches, techniques and tricks. No matter whether you are a beginner or a crocheter for years, it is advisable to try premium crochet hooks. Wooden crochet hooks from the Lantern Moon collection are perfect for all crochters and crochet styles. 

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