How to Crochet the Basketweave Pattern in Easy Steps?

 Tunisian crochet hook by lantern moon

The basketweave pattern provides a gorgeous structure whether you knit or crochet it. With your favorite crochet hooks and yarn, you can easily make this beautiful textured pattern. If you are completely new to the craft, make sure you have practiced the basic crochet stitches.

Crocheting a basketweave texture is easy, even though it looks complex. Interestingly, the stitch pattern comes in many variations and you can try others or even design your own. This stitch is perfect for beginners while advanced crocheters can enjoy making their own designs.

You will need a crochet hook, a pair of scissors, a finishing needle and yarn. If you are unsure about what type of crochet hook would suit you best, look at the Lantern Moon crochet hooks. Handcrafted from premium and sustainable ebony wood, they have a liquid silk finish that guarantees a smooth, snag-free crochet experience with all yarns and materials.

Abbreviations & Techniques

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

fpdc: front post double crochet - To do this, yarn over (yo) your crochet hook and insert your hook from front to back between the posts of the first and second double crochet of the previous row (the one below which you are working). Then bring the hook from back to front again between the posts of the second and third stitches, yarn over and draw the yarn around the post of the stitch. Again, yarn over and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on the hook, twice.

bpdc: back post double crochet - To do this, yarn over and go from behind the stitch from the right and come out at the front. Pull your yarn through, and finish your double crochet.

Basket weave pattern

Here is an easy-to-follow pattern for the basketweave stitch. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Create a slipknot. Chain in multiples of eight, plus four additional stitches, These extra 4 are for two edge stitches, as well as two chain loops to form the first stitch. On the first skip the first two chains and work a double crochet stitch in your third chain. (Note: we are using U.S. terminology, in the UK, this would be treble crochet).

Step 2: Start the next row by chaining three loops to go up and then turn our work around. Again, this chain three is classed as the edge stitch of your second row. From here, we will be working in so-called front post double crochet (fpdc) and back post double crochet (bpdc) stitches. Be sure to not make the common crochet mistakes such as making your stitch too tight.

Crochet three more front post stitches into the next three double crochets, following the same method. Your first set of four front post double crochets is finished.

Step 3: Now work four back post double crochet in the next four stitches. As you cannot see very well behind your crochet stitches, make sure to not accidentally miss any double crochet.

Step 4: Continue to work in sets of four front post and four back post double crochets until the end of the row. Finish off with an edge stitch into the third chain from your previous row.

Step 5: Chain three and turn the work to craft your third row, simply a repeat of the second row. Repeat all sets of double and back post crochets as they appear.

Step 6: In your fourth row, the pattern alternates. Where you had four front post double crochet stitches, you are now going to place four back post stitches, and vice versa.

Repeat the fourth row, too. Then, alternate back and front post stitches again for two rows in your next row until you achieve the measurements you want.

Step 7: To create a basketweave crochet pattern, create multiple front and back post double crochets for two rows. Then reverse the pattern and make two rows of front post crochets into your previous back post stitches and vice versa. Each row will be started with a chain of three and finished with a double crochet stitch. In the end, you are going to have a set of four front posts and back post double crochets worked over two rows.

Like the knit basketweave stitch pattern, the crochet basketweave pattern can be customized. You can design your own by adding the number of stitches.

What will be your next crochet project in the basketweave pattern? Make sure to start with some beginner-friendly crochet options. A scarf or a stash blanket works best. You can make one with stash yarn, adding as many colors as you would like.

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